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WC 2

WC 2

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Our lifestyle choices profoundly impact our health.

Trillions of dollars per annum are wasted treating symptoms and designing new therapies, medications, and procedures to continue to treat symptoms. This expensive, reactionary, and symptomatic approach is clearly ineffective.

Wellness is a proactive, preventive, and inside-out proposition respective to causation. The path to optimal health requires mindfulness and accountability. The key is how much you value your health.

The focus of wellness is its integrative and mindful approach to the whole person. We must remain mindful of the consequences of our lifestyle choices. Personal growth has no end point.

Discover the synergistic solutions to transcend your health, performance, and potential in life & sport.

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Wellness is a choice.


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Wellness Consults: 

WC 4

WC 4 is a 6-month program representing a comprehensive wellness transformation. Consults are performed via ‘phone, Skype, or Google Hangouts.

WC 4 includes:

  • Stages of Readiness Assessment;
  • Wellness Worksheets;
  • Weekly 60-minute calls;
  • Unlimited email correspondence

Investment –> $3,000

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